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Passing the Notepad: Veteran Panther Press Member Gives Insight to New Reporter

Updated: Mar 22

Senior Panther Press Reporter and Reporter of the Year 2023 Liz Guzman finished all her high school credits early and graduated in December, months before her peers. Her primary job since Panther Press began two years ago has been to interview Collinsville’s Staff Members of the Month, so her departure left a hole that could only be filled by someone just as eager and curious as she.

Hannah Allen is one of Panther Press’s editors-in-training this year, as her ability to communicate through writing exceeds average skill, and her desire to learn grammar and structure made her the perfect candidate. In an effort to explore her capabilities and get out of her comfort zone, Hannah avidly volunteered to take Liz’s place.

Liz talked to Hannah to give her some insight on the job she loved.

HA: What was your favorite thing about this position?

LG: Definitely learning more about the teachers and staff.

HA: What was a moment that you’ll remember the most?

LG:  When I interviewed Johnny Patton [September Staff Member of the Month]. He gave straight-forward answers that were super short. It was the shortest interview I’ve ever done.

HA: What piece of advice do you have for me?

LG: Don’t be a procrastinator!

The Panther Press thanks Liz for sharing her enthusiasm and experience and wishes her the best in her future endeavors.

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