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Roaring Success: Collinsville Student Lands Role of Simba in Lion King Jr. Production

By Emily Salazar, Fernanda Cano Hernandez, and Melanie Cantor Cornejo

Panther Press Reporters

Jude Garret, fourth grader at Collinsville, auditioned and successfully earned the lead role of Simba for the Lion King, Jr., the spring production for Dekalb County Fine Arts. It takes confidence and an outgoing attitude to be part of such a production, all of which Garret has. Panther Press asked him a few questions about his experience and thoughts on winning the lead role.

PP: What made you want to audition?

JG: I just really wanted to be in the play; it's what I have been really wanting to do. 

PP: What did you do for your audition?

JG: We had to sing for 60 seconds.

PP: How did you think your audition went?

JG: Good!

PP: Were you surprised you got the lead role?

JG: Yes, I think I was. There was one boy there, and they said that they were gonna choose between me and him, and I’m the one who got it.

PP: Are you excited to have the lead role?

JG: Yes, I’m very excited!

PP: Are you nervous?

JG: No.

PP: How do you feel about singing in the play?

JG: Good!

PP: Who helped you practice for the audition?

JG: My friend is also in the play, and she's really been helping me a lot, and my mom and dad too!

Thank you to the director, cast, and crew for a wonderful (and near sold out!) production! And Jude, you did a fantastic job!  

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