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Staff Member of the month of September

This month's staff member of the month goes to Mr. Johnny Patton, one of Collinsville’s bus drivers.

Panther Press reporter Liz Guzman sat down with Johnny Patton to learn more about him.

LG: How long have you been working as a bus driver?

JP: It’ll almost be 10 years in November.

JG: Why did you choose this career?

JP: I chose this career because of the insurance. I retired from the railroad, so I had to have insurance.

LG: Are there any difficult challenges you face as a bus driver?

JP: Yeah. People running the stop signs. It doesn’t happen too often, but I did have one run through it this morning.

LG: Do you have embarrassing moments that have happened to you while working?

JP: One time I did hit a post.

LG: Have you ever considered switching careers?

JP: I’m fixing to retire from my job.

*Editor’s note: Mr. Patton will be retiring November 1st due to health concerns.

LG: What are some things you like to do in your free time?

JP: I like to sit in my easy chair.

LG: Do you have a favorite food you like to eat?

JP: Yes. I like steak and pork chops.

LG: Do you have any hobbies?

JP: Yes, I love to spend time with my family and grandkids.

LG: Is there anything you want to say to Collinsville High School before your retirement?

JP: I've enjoyed it, but I’m ready to go.

The Panther Press and Collinsville High School would like to thank Mr. Patton for his years of service. We wish him the best in his retirement.

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