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Senior Who's Who Class of 2024

Most Studious

Josue Juan

Thomasa Hernandez

Most Likely to Travel the World

Angel Lopez

Elaina Willoughby

Most Changed

Francisco Pedro

Dulce Zuniga

Most Mischievous

Alex Francisco

Cadence Ford

Most Dependable

Roberto Juarez

Maria Manuel

Dynamic Duo

DixieLynn Barnby

Hayley Renee

Most Likely to Know Your Business

Victor Diaz

Caitlyn Hunt

Most Feminine and Most Masculine

Veronica Francisco

Zach Gifford

Worst Case of Senioritis

Jack McPherson

Carolina Fabian

Most Athletic

Tytan Morgan

Maria Hernandez

Best Smile

Luis Ailon

Gracie Griggs

Best Bromance

Trey Smith

Jack McPherson

Most Likely to Succeed

Eli Griggs

Yareli Reyes

Best Car

Henri Soto

Lorenza Ramirez

Best All Around

Josh Scoggins

Catalina Agustin

Best Dressed/Best Style

Andres Miguel

Lara Roe

Biggest Flirt

John David Vargas

Leslie Corona

Class Clown

Andres Garcia

Ximena Herrera

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