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January Staff Member of the Month

by Hannah Allen, Panther Press Editor-in-training

This month's staff member of the month is Jessica Aldridge, one of Collinsville’s 2nd grade teachers. Panther Press Editor-in-training Hannah Allen sat with Ms. Aldridge to find out more about her.

Allen asked Ms. Aldridge about her time at Collinsville. The elementary teacher explained that she teaches all subjects within the 2nd grade level, as her students do not switch classes.

She chose teaching because she’d always wanted to be a math or music teacher (she’d excelled in music and choir in high school), but finally decided on elementary. She attended Northeast Alabama Community College for her basics, then transferred to Shorter University to complete her degree.

Ms. Aldridge taught at Cornerstone for 7 years before interviewing at Collinsville. When Principals Osborn and Crawford interviewed her, she was impressed with the school and decided that Collinsville was the best move for her. 

She enjoys the experience of being an elementary teacher; she gets to do something different every day, she gets to do fun, hands-on activities, and loves that her students keep her on her toes. 

Ms. Aldridge told Allen that if she could change anything about her job, she would clone herself in order to accomplish more every day.

Ms. Aldridge enjoys photography and painting. She is a member of Street Side Baptist Church in Fort Payne where her father is the preacher.

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