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FBLA on the Move:

By: Antonio Felipe Miguel - Panther Press Reporter

This past spring, FBLA held interviews for candidates who were interested in obtaining an office for the 2023-2024 school year. The new officers are Yareli Reyes as President, Jameson Coker as Vice President, Eli Griggs as Secretary, Gracie Griggs as Parliamentarian, Antonio Miguel as Reporter, and Alina Cornjeo as Treasure.

FBLA is also having new merchandise added to the Panther Shop collection. This merchandise debuted at Meet The Panthers. The merchandise consists of some throwback designs from years past and the rest will be all new designs made by some of the FBLA officers.

FBLA also held a Membership Drive Meeting on Tuesday, September 12th in the Auditorium during High School Break. The Membership Drive Meeting was for students to sign up for FBLA from grades 9th through 12th. FBLA received around 35 new members at the drive.

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