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Building the New Gym

by Maribel Pedro

Over the last couple of years, Collinsville High School has accomplished many projects such as the new AG/FCCS Building, the perimeter fence, banners, and the recent remodel of the auditorium.

The main project at the moment is the new gym. This addition will provide an environment with more opportunities for the athletes. It will contain a new locker room, a multipurpose room where the basketball players may workout and study films, and new coaching offices.

The restrooms, concession stand, shower rooms, and locker rooms will be larger and able to accommodate more students and foot traffic. To finish, the new gym will contain two courts with a finish similar to the Dobbins Gym floor.

Mr. Crawford spoke at length about the project details; the idea of building a new gym came about due to lack of space for students and community events. With the student body growing larger every year, this gym is necessary for physical education classes. It will also allow the school to host tournaments and other community events.

The gym has been in the works for a couple of years. The board approved of the construction around November of 2021, and construction began last month. Now that the project is underway, the estimated completion date is around 12-18 months. The weather and fluctuations in the pandemic, however, could play a role in the completion date, possibly causing delays.

The cost for the new gym is 6.5 million. It is being funded through local capital funds, bond issues, and capital outlay.

If the gym is complete by next year, the Class of 2023 will graduate on campus for the first time since 2015.

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