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We Appreciate Our Admin Team!

by The Panther Press Staff

As we close this school year and reflect upon the challenges and successes we’ve had, we can’t forget the leadership of Collinsville High School; they work endlessly to make sure teachers and staff have what they need and that students are reaching their goals.

A few weeks ago, the Panther Press sent a form to staff and seniors asking for comments regarding our admin team. *While all responses were anonymous, we did denote which comments were from staff and which ones were from our Class of 2024 seniors.

But first, one staff member had this to say about the leadership of our school:

“Weighing in on their responsibilities, loyalty, and compassion for their job. I personally feel each one of our administrators goes above and beyond as they work diligently to see a vision and shape Collinsville School. The administration works together to bring strong leadership and success to the students, teachers, and community.” -Staff

Lydia Peek - Elementary Principal

“I’ve never seen a principal get such joy from just playing with the kids.” -Student

“She looks so sweet, but she’s got the ‘teacher look’ down.” - Student

“I love how many activities she does for younger kids.” - Student

“I appreciate how organized she is. She makes it easier to keep up with everything we need to keep track of every day. I don’t know how she does everything.” - Staff 

“She’s done an outstanding job supporting our students and staff.” - Staff 

She goes above and beyond.  She always makes sure everyone else is taken care of and is always there for her staff.” - Staff  

She works hard with no complaints. She loves and cares for each student with a passion. I am thankful that I get to work with such a kind person who is  willing to make a difference in a child.” - Staff 

Kim Osborn - High School Principal

“One administrator that I see and hear about going above and beyond, is Mrs. Kim Osborn.  She  takes on many roles as the Assistant Principal, and she does it well! Mrs. Osborn wears many hats at Collinsville, and I frequently  hear the  students, teachers  and  parents expressing  their thankfulness of  Mrs. Osborn's  dedication and time.” - Staff

“Whatever we need, she doesn’t hesitate to get it done for us.” -Staff

“I remember during COVID year, she was the person in charge of keeping the drivers and buses on track, and we had so many absences that year. She had everything covered every single time, and I have no idea how she kept (and still keeps!) all the routes straight. She even knows which kid goes on which bus and where they live, most just by seeing the student. I bet she plays a mean game of chess.” - Staff 

“I like how scared she makes [name redacted] when he’s acting like a fool. I got called to her office once, I wasn’t in trouble, but I didn’t know that at first, and I was shaking. Haha” - Student 

“She’s just lit like that.” - Student

“I guess she’s cool. She grins a lot. Even when she’s mad.” -Student

Bradley Crawford - Principal

"Crawford has done a lot for Collinsville in the short time he's been in charge." -Staff

"I would not want his job. One day he and the team were managing like 3 or 4 games on campus, after already working most of the day. He also takes on the... um, irate parents that teachers shouldn't be dealing with and manages to keep his cool." -Staff

"When he talks about something he's excited about, his arms start moving around, and he gets a gleam in his eye. Lol." -Staff

"He seems to really care about our absences and grades and stuff." -Student

"I thought he was annoying at first, but if it wasn't for him, I don't know that I would be graduating right now." -Student

"He said something to me when I was bullying a girl in like 7th or 8th grade. I don't even remember why I didn't like her. I don't remember exactly what he said, something about a dog roaming through life or something, but he told me if I didn't stop, I would go to Rainsville [Youth Services], and if I did that, my mom would be so mad. I didn't understand then how bad I was, but I do now, and I thank him for doing something about it. The girl I hurt actually became one of my besties." -Student

 Thank you, Panther Admin Team for everything you do!

*Comments were edited for grammar and spelling.

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