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Senior Countdown: In Memory of Triston McLaughlin

by Caitlyn Hunt - Panther Press Reporter

Collinsville High School student Triston McLaughlin was 16 years old when when he passed away on October 31, 2022. This year, Triston would've graduated with the Class of 2024.

Triston was an all-around country guy who enjoyed riding dirt bikes, fishing, deer hunting, and watching Alabama football. Triston also loved his family and God. Triston was the kind of guy that everyone wanted to be around. His circle of friends included alumni Trevor Terrell, Colby Turner, and Caleb Hunt; sophomore Jordan Reese; and senior Trey Smith. He loved to hang out with his friends on the weekends. In school, he was known as a respectful student, and he also played on the basketball team.

Teachers, classmates, and friends shared what they remembered the most about Triston. Their responses are below.

Gracie Griggs- Growing up together all through elementary school and reaching milestones alongside each other.

Caleb Hunt - liked going  to each other’s house and hanging out, going fishing and playing video games.

Catalina Agustin - When we had Mrs. Robertson together, we would always laugh together and have fun, and her favorite students are sometimes little trouble makers, but he always made my day in her class. 

Trey Smith- When we would go to Alex’s house and play in the pool and then we would go to the “bee” swing in his yard, and we would see who could fit in it. 

John David Vargas- I remember a time we were in the auditorium and there were some wheelchairs in there and he got on one and started poppin some wheelies.

Coach Thrash - I remember Triston always cracking jokes in class and keeping the class laughing all the time. 

Mrs. Garret-  Triston was a very funny boy in kindergarten. He was very friendly,  always kept me on my toes and was always doing some kind of a prank. He was always the first one to give a hug even though he was all boy

Mrs. Robertson- He always had a smile on his face. 

Mrs. Jones- he was very smart and sweet, and he was always friends with Jack McPherson.

Mr. Henderson- He was very funny.    He made funny noises in class, and he was a good kid. 

Mrs. Whitton- His smile.

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