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Trash Sculpting

In Mrs. Gifford's 9th grade English Language Arts, students embarked on a writing and reading comprehension journey when they were tasked with creating animals out of trash.

The idea behind the lesson comes from the show Nailed It! where teams compete in a baking contest by recreating exquisite recipes, often ending in amusing failure.

Not so for these 9th graders. While there have been some oops moments, overall, the students did an excellent job.

The Premise:

Students start by breaking into random teams. The teams then draw a slip of paper with a random animal named on it. Each team begins building their animal from "clean" trash (tissue rolls, cereal boxes, washed out bottles and jugs, etc.) while writing the steps they used to create their sculpture.

During this process, they cannot tell any other group what they are making and cannot say the name of their animal in their instructions. Once the sculpture is complete, students then randomly receive another group's instructions. They use those instructions to complete another sculpture without knowing what they are building.

At the end, the groups meet to reflect and give feedback on the creation and rebuilding of their sculptures. See below for this year's projects. The original sculpture is on the left and the duplicate is on the right.

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