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The New Science Club

There’s a new science club on campus sponsored by high school science teachers Devin Bouldin and Jordan May. In this Panther Press interview, Ms. Bouldin answers some questions for prospective science club students.

PP: What is the science club?

DB: Each month we will do a project around school or in the community. Occasionally you will have the chance to compete against other members in science-related events. Many of these events challenge you to create a device that will accomplish a specific task. The science club is for students in grades 9-12.

PP: How do you become a member?

DB: You must take at least one science course each year and maintain an overall A or B average.

PP: Do you have to participate in each event?

DB: No. You can choose the events and activities you want. However, to earn your medallion that is worn at graduation, you must receive at least 6 points each year (9th graders only 3 points). You will receive 1 point for each activity you participate in. Members who complete 75-100% of the activities for that year will be invited to a special field trip in May.

PP: How do you participate in the events?

DB: To participate in any event, you need to see Ms. Bouldin for event rules and sign up by each event's deadline. You will not be allowed to participate in an event if you fail to sign up by the deadline. Most competitions and events will be scheduled during break, on Saturdays, or after school. I will try to avoid conflicts with other school and community events.

PP: Are there any rules?

DB: Good behavior is expected at all science club events, as well as overall behavior at school and other school-related functions. Behavior that puts the safety of others at risk will result in the loss of science club privileges for one year. Members with grades below a B will be considered ineligible until the grades improve the following grading period. The science club sponsor reserves the right to revoke membership of any member at any time due to behavior, grades, attendance, etc.

PP: How much would it cost to enter?

DB: $10 each year plus the cost of your medallion your senior year. This fee must be paid before you are allowed to participate in any event. We will also do a yearly fundraiser in which all members are required to sell a minimum amount in order to remain in good standing in the club.

PP: Will there be officers?

DB: Officers will be elected in the fall of each year. They will be responsible for helping to plan and organize events. We will have a new member induction ceremony each year and an installation ceremony of new officers. Officers include: president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer.

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