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Senior and Junior Class Officers: "Please Open Our Prom."

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

by Sophia Wills and Senior and Junior Panther Press staff

Earlier this year, juniors and seniors got the news that their prom would be closed, meaning that students couldn't invite anyone who wasn't a student of Collinsville High School.

The students weren't happy about this announcement. "Our high school years have been changed and taken from us due to COVID," said Senior Class President Sophia Wills. "Year after year we saw more boundaries, regulations, and rules being placed because of a worldwide outbreak of sickness. This school year is the first year we have seen most regulations dropped... We saw our school year turning around for the better, but then

they announced prom being closed."

Wills and other class officers of the senior and junior classes made it their mission to fight for change.

A petition to garner interest in an open prom obtained 100% of the two classes' signatures. So the team met with each Collinsville authority figure who had any say in prom operations: Ms. Devin Bouldin, prom sponsor; Mrs. Kim Osborn, assistant principal; and Mr. Bradley Crawford, head principal. Through these meetings, the students discovered the reason behind the closed prom; opening the prom meant that each invitee had to be vetted before they would be allowed into a school function. In addition to other prom duties, this put a heavy burden on an already overworked staff.

In response, Wills gave their rebuttal at a second meeting involving the prom leaders. "We... offered our services to help with any extra work that was needed to have an open prom... we would need to get any needed paperwork from our peers and help with any decorating. We also had to comply with all the rules and regulations set by our teachers."

As a result, the principals and prom sponsor agreed to allow an open prom this year.

The prom will be held Friday, March 17, 2023 at Majestic Venue in Albertville.

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