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Retirees reflect on their time at Collinsville

by Sophia Morales, Nyjaa Rooks, and Dulce Perez

Mrs. Sherrod and Ms. Busby (Contributed by Assistant Principal Kim Osborn)

Mrs. Janie Sherrod and Ms. Debbie Busby have come to the next phase of their work life: retirement. Panther Press staff asked them about their time at Collinsville.

Mrs. Sherrod, Collinsville's Reading Coach, is originally from Fyffe, having lived there her whole life. She mentions that when she came to Collinsville in 2014, everyone was incredibly welcoming. "I have loved every minute of it," she says of her time here. Sherrod says that the most rewarding part of her time here has been "touching the kid’s hearts and knowing that I have done my job helping my kids here at Collinsville."

Ms. Busby, Collinsville's elementary EL teacher, has been a proud Panther for 22 years. Going forward, she plans to spend more time with her family and to be available to her grandchildren. While she is excited about this new part of her life, she says that she will most definitely miss "the students, co-workers, watching students learn new things and seeing the excitement in their eyes and faces, and greeting the car rider lines in the morning.”

Collinsville High School and the Panther Press would like to wish these two Panthers a very happy retirement. Thank you for your years of service! We will miss you!

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