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Principal Peek Thwarts Grinch's Attempt to Disrupt Christmas

by Panther Press Staff

In what authorities are calling "a near miss," the Grinch came down from Mount Crumpit to Collinsville Elementary this past Tuesday with the intention of ruining the Christmas decorations which were so beautifully displayed around the hallways.

After wrestling tinsel and gifts from the large, green, furry creature, Mrs. Peek introduced him to Counselor Stanley. Together, they convinced the Grinch to visit the classrooms, so he could see the Christmas spirit for himself.

And he did just that. After meeting rooms full of excited and happy children, the Grinch's heart grew, and he realized that he shouldn't take away their joy.

In the end, Mrs. Peek and the Grinch became friends. "If he needs a reminder next year, I'll be here to escort him around campus again, and show him our cheerful atmosphere and jubilant students," the principal commented. "I'm sure we can help him get back to a good mood again."

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