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Panther Pride Band Recruitment Concert

by Alora Ford

The Panther Pride band held a concert on Tuesday, April 5th in the auditorium. The reason for this concert was the, ”hope that people see what the band is doing and for fifth and sixth graders to see all of the aspects of the band.” The concert began with Mr. Crawford talking to the students about the newly renovated auditorium. After, the band warmed up and Ms. Benefield introduced the band. She then gave background information on what the goal was and the band started their first song. The first song was from their old halftime show called Old Time Rock and Roll. The next was 25 to 6 to 4 which had been played at the winter concert. Ms. Benefield then described each instrument and what they were. This ranged from woodwinds, saxophones, flutes, and clarinets. Next, brass instruments were trombones and trumpets.

After the band director showed the group the wind instruments, the band played Louis Louis–which had been played at football games. Lastly, the percussion consists of bass drums, snare drums, tom drums, cow bells, symbols, and tambourines. She also explained how percussion wore their instruments during marching season and what other instruments would be available to the students. A whole section of the concert had been dedicated to the pep band music. The Panther Pride band then played Freaks, Iron Man (which was played when the football team was on defense), Go Big Red, Crazy Train, We Will Rock You, Here We Go Panthers, Seven Nation Army, Mortal Kombat, and Word Up. Ms. Benefield covered the competition in Gadsden, the honor band, and solo and ensemble projects for the members. Questions were then asked for students to get as much information as possible. The concert concluded with the Fight Song.

I got the opportunity to speak to Ms. Benefield directly after the concert. As the students were leaving a student passed while remarking about how good the concert had been. This lead to Ms. Benefield stated that it has been “rewarding to see the kids go from not knowing anything to where they are now.” She spoke about how the members were pushed extra hard this year as there are many seniors who could “have as many band experiences as possible.” I also spoke to Collinsville principal Mr. Crawford had been at the concert and said he was proud of the “tremendous growth in a year and a half,” he goes on to say that “Ms. Benefield is phenomenal and he could not be more pleased with how the band has done.”

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