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National Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week

Updated: May 13, 2022

Contributed by Jacqueline Clanton

Last week, our 21st Century Afterschool Program, headed by Jacqueline Clanton, celebrated The National Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week. It is a time to be able to recognize and appreciate those who take time out of their day to work with students beyond school hours. This is a week to advocate the importance of teachers and support staff who make a difference in the lives of youth. Children from all around the world deserve to have the chance to be able to learn new skills that can have a positive impact throughout their lives. Our 21st Century Afterschool Program does just that for the children of Collinsville.

Mrs. Clanton stressed how important her staff's job is to the school and the program and wanted them to know how much they are appreciated.

Panther Press staff Liz Guzman, Cadence Ford, and Yareli Reyes spent time with students, teachers, and support staff for the 21st Century Program to learn more about it.

PP: What does the Afterschool Program mean to you?

Elizabeth Barrientos: The Afterschool Program is able to provide an opportunity for students in order to help them in their day to day lives.

Bo Williams: The Afterschool Program means an opportunity for students to have academic enrichment while having fun.

Donna Jones: It gives me an opportunity to work with students who are much younger than my day to day classes to build positive relationships with them.

Mrs. Clanton: The Afterschool Program means to be able to provide unique opportunities for learning for students at Collinsville High School that they will not otherwise get in a regular school day. This allows students to experience STEM, robotics, art, and outreach programs they usually don't get during school hours.

PP: How does the Afterschool Program differ from your day-to-day classes?

Mrs. Clanton: I don’t actually teach in the Afterschool Program; I do the planning for the Afterschool program, but I do know that teaching in the Afterschool Program is a lot more engaging with the students and the teachers. The teachers and students are able to have more fun during the Afterschool Program compared to their day-to-day classes.

Bo Williams: It is radically different because in the classroom I have 7th and 8th graders during school hours while here in Afterschool I am primarily dealing with 1st graders with totally different mindsets and attitudes.

Donna Jones: One main big difference besides the age gap is the students are willing to learn and raise their hands whenever they answer the questions.

Allie Jones: Here in the Afterschool Program, were able to have more fun and have some hands-on activities such as STEM and art.

A huge thank you to all the 21st Century teachers, subs, and support staff!

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