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Students Can "Kick for Cash" at Football Home Games

By Caitlyn Hunt - Panther Press Reporter

During the last school year, students indicated an interest for more promotions and prizes as an incentive to bring more attendants to our home sports games. As a result, The Kick for Cash event was created. Collinsville students in grades 7-12 may enter the contest by signing in at The Panther Shop tent before home varsity football games. From those that sign up, one female and one male student will be selected to go out on the football field during halftime to kick a field goal. The distance of the kick depends upon the age and size of the kicker. If the kick is successful, the kicker will win a prize of $25 cash courtesy of a sponsor.

Last Friday, August 25th, the Kick for Cash sponsor was C&C Rentals of Fort Payne. Of the participants who signed up, Michael Adams and Gabriella Whitmore were the lucky names drawn. The two took their turns kicking from the goal line. While Adams unfortunately did not reach the goal, Whitmore’s kick sailed through the goalposts, and she became Collinsville’s first Kick for Cash winner!

Kick for Cash needs 3 more sponsors. For $50, your business will be posted on the front of the sign up jar and announced to the audience. Please contact Principal Bradley Crawford at Collinsville High School: (256) 524-2111.

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