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First Look at the New Gym

by Maribel Pedro

The Collinsville media organizations, The Panther Press and The Panther Network, with the assistance of Principal Bradley Crawford, was able to tour the new gym last week. Now that the structure is looming over the school campus, it was time to talk to the project manager, Garrett Steele to get an update.

First pic above is the beginning of the groundwork for the new gym taken a year ago. The middle pic is how the gym looks now. The last pic from left to right: Project Manager Garrett Steele, Panther Press reporter Maribel Pedro, and Principal Bradley Crawford.

Garrett Steele shows students the blueprints of the project.

The new gym is expected to be completed this coming August, and will be used primarily for hosting athletics. It will also be utilized for other events and assemblies such as graduation and pep rallies. The first class expected to use the gym for graduation will be the Class of 2024.

Aside from the needed upgrade, especially with locker rooms, the new gym will hold twice the number of spectators and will house bigger offices and a larger concession stand area, and will be an ideal location for tournaments and simultaneously scheduled games.

The new gym does not yet have a name. The superintendent and school board will vote on community-suggested ideas once the gym is ready to open.

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