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FCCLA September Update

The school year is beginning, and so is FCCLA! Our FCCLA advisor, Mrs. Chandler has worked diligently to prepare for a successful year for our FCCLA chapter. After lots of time and work devoted to preparing for the first meeting, it was held on Thursday, September 14. The theme for our meeting was “In Our FCCLA Era”. The meeting included a few activities to match our Taylor Swift inspired theme, including friendship bracelet making, and Taylor’s music for entertainment. The first FCCLA meeting was a great success!

During our meeting, we had several students campaign to hold a position as an FCCLA officer for this school year. As of now, we have 40 members of the Collinsville chapter of FCCLA, and we are still accepting new members! We are looking forward to a fun and successful year for FCCLA!

Included below is a list of our 2023-2024 FCCLA officers!

President, Gracie Griggs

Vice-President, Yareli Reyes

Vice President of Membership, Chloe Davis

Vice President of Programs, Ava Griggs

Vice President of Parliamentary Law, Fernanda Hernandez

Vice President of School Service Projects, Camilla Garcia

Vice President of Finance, Andrea Hernandez

Vice President of Public Relations, Emily Salazar

County Representative, Claudia Jimenez

Vice President of Community Service Projects, Caleigh Jo McElroy

Inspirational Leader, Mallory Smith

Recreational Leader, Morgan McElroy

Recreational Leader, Ella Coker

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