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December Staff Member of the Month

(Staff Member of the Month is voted on by Panther Press students.)

This month’s Staff Member of the Month goes to Mr. Gary Matthews, part of the custodial and maintenance staff.

Panther Press reporter Liz Guzman sat down with Mr. Gary, as the kids affectionately call him, to learn more about him.

What is the highlight of your day?

Mr. Gary- I'm not sure, besides just coming to school every day.

Do you enjoy your work?

Mr. Gary- I quite enjoy doing my job.

What music genre do you usually listen to, and what singer do you listen to from that genre?

Mr. Gary- I like to listen to classic rock, and I like to listen to Guns and Roses, and sometimes The Eagles.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Mr. Gary- It's close to home and easier than the job I usually do. I also get to see everybody every day.

What are your favorite movies?

Mr. Gary- I don’t usually watch TV so much, but I like watching Lonesome Dove

How do you spend your free time out of school?

Mr. Gary- I usually work somewhere else.

What attracted you to apply for this job?

Mr. Gary- There's retirement for this job. I worked for the city for so long that I got to keep my time with the city as off-state retirement.

What kind of food do you like?

Mr. Gary- I like beans and potatoes.

Would you ever consider working elsewhere?

Mr. Gary- No, not really.

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