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Countdown to Graduation: Memories and Gratitude

Panther Press staff seniors share memorable moments and appreciation for those who got them here.

by Adriane Craft

One of my better memories was when Mrs. Gifford brought her Switch to school, and we played a round of Mario Kart 8. Going to prom with my friends and eating McDonald's is another great memory.

When I went to Ruhama, we used to play dodgeball a lot; the coaches would play with us sometimes and would absolutely slam people with the dodgeballs.

And there was another great memory from Ruhama; me and my friends were walking back to class from lunch, and we passed Coach Taylor's room. He had the 8th grade class in there. The door was closed, then we heard yelling and the sounds of him hitting someone and them crying. Soon after, we heard the classroom erupt with laughter after he opened the door to reveal that he was just slapping a desk with one of his slides. The whole class had pranked us.

by Andrea Craft

In 8th grade at Ruhama, we used to clean the lunchroom everyday after we ate. One day, they had a bunch of old rolls (it was a holiday) and the lunch ladies let us have a food fight.

There was another time in math class, and I can't really remember why, but the 7th graders were in there with us, but my seat was beside Blake Newkirk. I went to sit down after I came back from the bathroom, and he kicked the desk out from under me. Me and him were both confused because he didn't think that it was going to work but everyone laughed because it was actually pretty funny.

When we were all in elementary school, during PE all the kids were playing freeze tag and Adriane was sitting at the top of the slide, and I wanted her to move so I could go down the slide. She wouldn't move because she thought a tagger was at the bottom of the slide, so I grabbed the bar above the slide, jumped back, and kicked her off of the slide. She fell off and hit the ground. I thought it was pretty funny, but she was really mad. I didn't get in trouble for it though, even though I probably should have.

Another time during 8th grade, again during PE, we were playing dodgeball. Me and Skyler Nestor were the last two on our team while Gracie Thomas was the last on her team. She reared back to hit Skyler and of course I walked right in front of him. The force of the ball hitting me in the side of the face knocked me out, and I had a ringing in my ears. I woke up to everyone surrounding me and Gracie apologizing profusely. It was pretty surprising, but we all had a laugh after it was all said and done.

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