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Countdown to Graduation: Memories and Gratitude

by Sophia Wills

Panther Press staff seniors share memorable moments and appreciation for those who got them here.

Collinsville High School has been my home since kindergarten, and I have made so many unforgettable memories and friendships here. Some of my favorite memories have been from this year at the pep rallies. The seniors really got into it and made it fun. I have had the privilege of being a 3-Sport Varsity Athlete at Collinsville, and I have made so many memories with my teammates and friends because of it.

Thank you to Mrs. Stone, my FBLA sponsor and business teacher, who has made my experience as FBLA President AMAZING! We have stayed busy with fundraisers, Panther Shop, and school events all year long. Our officers have had many responsibilities, but being in FBLA made my senior year GREAT.

Thank you, Collinsville High School, for setting the foundation for my education and giving me some of my best friends.

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