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Countdown to Graduation: Memories and Gratitude

by Belinda Jimenez

Panther Press staff seniors share memorable moments and appreciation for those who got them here.

Collinsville High School has brought me so many memories, but my favorite would have to be the time Mrs. Chandler took us, her art class, to paint windows in town. It was a 3-day project, and I got to share that experience with my sister in her senior year. At the time, I did not see it as something greater than an assignment. When I think about the memory now, it serves as a reminder to not take for granted the many opportunities that life will bring. I will forever hold this memory along with many others in my heart.

During the time I spent here, I learned many things including that asking for help was something I should never be afraid of. This was a lesson that I will take with me for the rest of my life, and I owe it to Ms. Marroquin.

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