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Countdown to Graduation: Memories and Gratitude

Panther Press staff seniors share memorable moments and appreciation for those who got them here.

by Yamilet Quintino Cornejo - Panther Press Social Media Manager

My favorite memory is every moment I got to spend time with these people: Best Friends, Friends, Mrs. Gifford, and MARROQUINNNNN.

People who brought joy, and made my last year of high school a great experience... I can not express how grateful I am to have them as my friends who I can depend on throughout the years. I might be a little too much to handle, but they put up with it even if I was a little too annoying. Thank you for caring for me, and being by my side!

I was happy to have Mrs. Gifford's class every morning. At first I was like every otherstudent who thought her class was “ boring,” but actually she knew how to make it fun which is the best part of her class. Her attitude and her joy lights up the room. You could never be bored in her class (unless you have a bummy attitude). Thank you, Mrs. Gifford! I enjoyed your

class, and I’m going to miss it.

And MARROQUINNNNN (how I say her name), is the best teacher. I also consider her a friend. At first I thought she was mean, but once you get used to her, you will feel comfortable. I sometimes would forget she’s my teacher. She understood me and listened to me rant about random things. She sure made me laugh every time

she would get me in trouble because of my grades. (She knew I would do it at the last minute, but she will still get me in trouble). THANK YOU, MARROQUIN, I’M GOING TO MISS YOU THE MOST!

Lastly, I want to thank my classmates for making this year memorable; I thank them for the laughs, and making the last moments of high school joyful with a lot of memories, memories that I will forever keep in my heart. LET'S GOOO! WE FINALLY DID IT!

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