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Countdown to Graduation: Memories and Gratitude

Panther Press staff seniors share memorable moments and appreciation for those who got them here.

by Kymy Aguilara Coronado

One of the best memories I have from coming to school here in Collinsville was when I was in 4th grade. Back then my 4th grade teacher was Mrs. Owens, and she was one of the sweetest teachers I’ve ever had (alongside Mrs. Garrett). But I remember one day all 3 of our 4th grade teachers told us that we were getting a garden outback which was a very exciting moment for us because she also told us that we’d be able to eat our snack out there and play if we were good enough. The plot twist about the garden was that we would be the ones building it, so the next day we started pulling out the weeds of the little border that they already had out there. We cleaned it up, and for the next few days we put the soil down and planted our flowers and painted our picnic tables. Some kids even got to sign their names on the tables however they wanted. We even got our own little compost machines out there that we would all weekly go put scraps of food Mrs Owens would bring. It was a lot of fun to look back. I can remember almost all of my senior classmates. It’s crazy to think that it’s all over now and we’ll all be going our separate ways. I hope our high school reunion is fun at least.

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