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Construction Begins on New Gym

from Principal Bradley Crawford:

I am excited to report that construction of a new gym on our campus has begun. As a result, I have a few points to share with you all as we move forward:

1) The student parking area will look different in the coming days as a staging area for equipment and deliveries will be established in the area along the third row where students previously parked. To accommodate this change, we have re-assigned students who parked in the third row to new locations in the existing parking lot and at the field house area.

As a result of this staging area being established, the morning car rider line will have some minor changes to the traffic flow. Once this staging area is set up, we will direct car riders along this new path which will cut across the parking lot in front of the staging area.

2) It is critical that we inform students who normally walk to the Hi Tech before their ball games in the afternoons that they should not walk across the construction zone. The site superintendent for Lee Builders has assured me they will put up barriers to impede foot traffic, however we need to make students aware that they are not to walk across the construction site. They may walk down to the end of Cemetery Road and walk the sidewalk along Highway 11 if they wish to walk to the convenience store.

The pains of progress are well worth it in order to see this much needed improvement to our campus. I will keep you updated as the project progresses and make you aware of any adjustments that may be needed for our day-to-day operations.

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