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Collinsville Student Participates in California Soccer Event

Bryant Graham is a student-athlete that received the opportunity to participate in the MLS Next Fest in Indio, California.

Panther Press reporter Yareli Reyes sat with Bryant Parker to discuss his experience and future plans.

What is MLS Next Fest?:

Bryant: MLS Next Fest is a place where athletes can be seen by colleges, national teams, and professional scouts and coaches.

How did the event go for you and the team?:

Bryant: It was a really great experience for me and I quite enjoyed it. My team also did a wonderful job and we won most of our games throughout the week.

What do you plan on doing next?:

Bryant: I would like to keep on getting better so my team and I can qualify for MLS Next Cup this upcoming year.

Personal Questions:

Who would you say is your number one fan?:

Bryant: It would probably be my youngest brother.

Who is your favorite soccer player as of right now?:

Bryant: My favorite soccer player as of right now is Mesut Ozil. He is a German player, a midfielder to be exact.

What position do you play?:

Bryant: I play as a center-attacking midfielder.

Has the idea of quitting ever come to your mind?:

Bryant: No, never, soccer is the one thing that keeps me going. It is also the one thing I look forward to each day.

What interested you to start playing soccer?:

Bryant: I watched a Will Ferrell movie called ¨Kicking & Screaming¨. It was a comedy movie that I enjoyed and that made me want to play.

If somebody came up to you and asked for some advice about soccer what would you tell them?:

Bryant: To just try your hardest with every little thing that you do. Don't cut a lap short when you're running, just do everything you can do to be better.

On the other hand, what was the best advice someone has given you?:

Bryant: I'm not quite sure but it would probably be to stop thinking and just play. I think that makes a huge difference in performance.

Over the years who would you say has impacted your life the most?:

Bryant: The most? It would have to be my mom. When she was a single mother she used to work three jobs, just to take care of my siblings and me. She has been my number-one supporter and has helped me achieve so many of my goals.

And finally, this question might be a bit obvious but do you plan on playing soccer professionally in the future?:

Bryant: Yes, of course! It is a dream that I hope I can achieve.

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