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Collinsville Staff Member of the Month

Photos and Interview by Dulce Perez

Editor Alora Ford

This month's staff member of the month goes to Mr. Greg Sarabia, the administrative assistance for middle and high school at Collinsville.

Interview Questions

DP: What is your favorite color?

GS: Blue

DP: What is your favorite food?

GS: Mexican dish called Mole

DP: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

GS: I like to get up early and start the day, and there are days when I am up at 4:45 am or 5:00 am.

DP: What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?

GS: Mowing is one of my favorite things to do.

DP: If you weren't working in the office, what might your profession be?

GS: I have always liked music so teaching music is something I would like to be involved with.

DP: What is your favorite music genre/music artist?

GS: I like to listen to country music and my favorite country artist is George Strait. When I was about five or six years old I remember getting on the roof of the house and taking a radio and listening to country music. Although I did not understand the lyrics, I liked the beat of the music.

DP: How did you learn to speak English since your first language was Spanish? GS: I came to the U.S. when I was 17 years old with my parents and siblings, and we went to San Antonio, Texas. I started out in 10th grade when I moved here. Within two weeks I was moved up to 11th grade because the school said I knew all the subjects, except for English. I took the first two English language classes my junior year, and then I eventually took the third English class. I basically did two years of high school.”

DP: What do you enjoy watching on television?

GS: Football, wrestling, and Heartland on Netflix

DP: How many years have you been in Collinsville?

GS: I lived in San Antonio, Texas for 18 years, and I have been in Collinsville for 14 years.

DP: What is the best part about your job?

GS: I enjoy talking to people, I like to make people smile and laugh.

DP: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

GS: Getting along with everybody and being able to help, whether it is parents coming up to the window or students that need help with anything.

DP: What was your job before the office?

GS: I used to work at Koch Foods in the Human Resources department. I did most of the interviewing, reviewing of applications, and translating. I worked there for almost eleven years.

DP: What task is most difficult about your job?

GS: Nothing I can think of; my previous job experiences have made my current job easier.

DP: What is a quote you would like to leave the Class of 2022 as they are going into this new chapter of their lives?

GS: It does not matter what you are going into, just do not give up. It does not matter how hard it gets, don't put your head down; you have to keep on pushing. Eventually the most rewarding part will come soon.

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