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Collinsville’s Content Creators: Garry Gipson

By Braden Hernandez-Panther Press Reporter

Garry Gipson is a 10th grade student of Collinsville High School, and he is the owner of the Youtube channel Legenddarydude (@Legenddarydude1627). He began making gameplay and other videos for YouTube approximately 2 years ago and is currently on Northeast Alabama Community College’s Mustang Gaming Esports team with another Collinsville student, Brady Cruz. (Students taking dual enrollment classes through NACC can participate in the college’s organizations.)

Panther Press Reporter Braden Hernandez sat down with Garry to talk about his hobby.

BH: What inspired you to start creating content?

GG: I really enjoy playing video games with my friends.

BH: Which videos were your favorite to create?

GG: So far I've really enjoyed making Valheim videos with you. They were fun to make, and they had a lot of funny moments. 

BH: How do you feel about your most popular video?

GG: My most popular video was a video I didn’t expect many people to watch. It was a mod for a very old game yet a lot of people watched it for some reason.

BH: What's your top 2 favorite games? 

GG: Roblox is one of my favorite games because I have good memories of it since I was young, but I still play it with my friends today. Yakuza 0 is also another one of my favorite games because I really enjoyed the story, the characters, and I just overall had a good time playing it as well as live streaming it.

BH: Who is your favorite person to play with?

GG: There isn't one person I would prefer to play with over another, but I enjoy playing with AL IVE, El Puncho, Cruzzship, and Chewy [usernames of fellow students]. 

You can follow and subscribe to Garry on YouTube at the following link:

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