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April Staff Member of the Month

This month's staff member of the month goes to Mrs. Emmily Stone, Collinsville's high school business teacher.

Panther Press reporter Liz Guzman sat down with Mrs. Stone to learn more about her.

LG: How long have you been teaching and have you taught anywhere else besides Collinsville?

Mrs. Stone: This is going to be my 5th year teaching, and the other school I taught at was Galesville High School where I taught Family Consumer Science.

LG: What is the hardest part about teaching?

Mrs. Stone: the hardest part about teaching is that sometimes you can’t help everybody because not everyone wants help, but you can always try to reach everyone you can.

LG: What is your favorite part about teaching?

Mrs. Stone: My favorite part about teaching is probably being able to be around adults. My favorite age group is teenagers. I like to get to do that everyday.

LG: What made you want to pursue your career?

Mrs. Stone: I never wanted to be a teacher before I had kids, but after I had kids it made me want to go back and be a teacher.

LG: Do you plan on becoming a Family Consumer Science teacher again?

Mrs. Stone: The plan is when Mrs. Chandler retires there’s a possibility that I will be teaching here in Collinsville Family Consumer Science again.

LG: What are some things you like to do in your spare time?

Mrs. Stone: I like to spend time with my girls and my husband. We like to ride the side-by-side, go fishing, and also like to sew and cook.

LG: What are some things that you like to eat?

Mrs. Stone: I like anything that is Italian.

LG: Do you have any movies or TV shows you might like?

Mrs. Stone: I don’t get to watch a lot of movies and TV shows that much but I do love the movie Steel Magnolias.

LG: Have you ever considered pursuing a different career?

Mrs. Stone: Before I wanted to be a teacher, I was going to school to be a nurse because I like taking care of people, but I realized that nurses schedules are a lot tougher than teacher's especially if you wanted to have a family.

LG: What are some things some students might find surprising about you?

Mrs. Stone: Students might be surprised to know that I listen to 2000s rap music.

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