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Pre-K takes tour of new FCCS facility

Article by Priscilla Miguel : Photos by Celena Ramon

For the first time, Pre-K had a tour around the new AG/FCCS building lead by the FCCS teacher, Mrs. Chandler. After the tour, the young students saw the live process of making sopapillas in the food lab. (For their safety, no children participated in cooking because of the use of hot oil).

The tables and chairs have not arrived yet, so the students improvised, creating tables from boxes. This was an exciting day for Pre-K because not only were they having fun, but they also had a glimpse of what they can take part of in the future, all while enjoying a yummy dessert.

High school cooking volunteers who helped make the day fun for the Pre-K class were Cooking volunteers: Celena Ramon, Catalina Miguel, Jasmina Tomas, Giovanna Miguel, and Priscilla Miguel.

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