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February Staff Member of the Month

(Staff Member of the Month is voted on by Panther Press students.)

This month’s Staff Member of the Month goes to Mrs. Allison Foster, one of Collinsville's elementary EL teachers.

Panther Press staff member Liz Guzman sat down with Mrs. Foster to learn more about her.

LG: How long have you been teaching? And have you taught anywhere else besides Collinsville?

Mrs. Foster: This is my 26th year, and I've taught at Crossville middle school for two years.

LG: What is the hardest part about teaching?

Mrs. Foster: Probably the hardest part is having to keep up with everything you need to do and getting it all done with the time limits that we have.

LG: What is your favorite part about teaching?

Mrs. Foster: My favorite part about my job is being able to work with the kids.

LG: What made you want to pursue this career?

Mrs. Foster: When I was little, I loved to play school and I really enjoyed working with children.

LG: What are some methods that you use for a better understanding for your students?

Mrs. Foster: When I go to workshops and things like that, I try to make sure I listen to what they say and take notes to use on children who may be struggling.

LG: What are some things you like to do on your spare time?

Mrs. Foster: I really like to go on vacations, and I like to read. I also just really like to spend time with my family.

LG: What might you say is your favorite thing to eat?

Mrs. Foster: I love Italian food.

LG: Do you have any movies and/or TV shows that you like?

Mrs. Foster: I don't watch a lot of tv but I do love watching Yellowstone.

LG: Have you ever considered moving to a different grade?

Mrs. Foster: I have taught kindergarten, second grade, fourth grade, and middle school, but personally I enjoy teaching the younger group.

LG: Have you ever considered pursuing a different career?

Mrs. Foster: I never really thought about a different career, but if I did It would have to do with helping other people.

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